Job and Internship (recent update!)

PostDoc / Scientific staff / Engineer position

We are recruiting a 3-years 50% VR programmer for the following project starting on January 1st 2019:

  • SNSF Synergia Project “Charting Emotion Components and Dynamics in the Human Brain using Virtual Reality and Cinema”
    • Part-time VR programmer: familiar with VR systems setup and maintenance, experience with motion capture, UNITY3D, virtual humans modeling,…

if you are interested in joining the team, please first send an email to Dr Ronan Boulic (firstname dot lastname at epfl dot ch) with your CV to express your motivation

Phd position

Applicants for a PhD position should first be selected by the EPFL doctoral school in Computer Science or in Robotics.

    • there is no available PhD position at the moment

Research Assistantship for EPFL Master Students

Only EPFL Master students can apply for a Research Assistantship while completing their Master degree. The second necessary condition for contacting us is the explicit mention (below) that such position is currently open.

We have no Research Assistantship to propose presently

External  BSc students interested to apply for completing a MSc degree in EPFL should apply latest before April 15th for the next academic year.

Internship for students from India

Indian students interested to make an intership in our research group should first comply with the centralized EPFL selection process before contacting us.


Bsc and MSc Students interested to make a summer intership (at least 2 month, including the whole month of August) in our group has first to be selected by the Computer Science school Summer@EPFL program.

Application deadline is around mid-february for the following summer.