Three-Dimensional and VR devices

Haptic workstation + CyberGlove

The Haptic Workstation™ is composed by a pair of 22-sensors CyberGlove™ which are used for acquiring the posture of the hands when interacting with the virtual objects in front of the user. The CyberGrasp™ system applies ground referenced forces to each of the fingers and wrists. The user can grasp the object, ”feel” them with the hands or deform it if they are soft one. The CyberForce™ is an exoskeleton that conveys force-feedback to both arms and provides a six-degree of freedom hand tracking, allowing the user to touch virtual elements.



 3x Virtual Technologies Cyberglove

  right and left CyberTouch


Head-monted Displays

 1x Kaiser Proview XL50

  1x Liteye 500 (see-through)

  1x i-glasses (see-through)


Motion Tracking

     1x Phasespace system with 14 cameras



    1x Visiontrak exetracker


Shutter Glasses


Immersion installation

One sided immersion

    a stereo video projector associated with a high quality back projection screen


CAVE: fours sides immersion

    four sided mini cave