Eye-tracking for Head-Mounted-Display HTC-Vive (ALREADY TAKEN)




With the advent of the consumer version of different Head Mounted Display like HTC Vive, we have plenty of new accessories available for them like eye tracking module.

Eye tracking system allows us to know the eye’s position in real-time. It uses a camera per eye to record the vector position formed between the center pupil and the corneal reflection. The corneal reflection is a spotlight created thanks to an infrared light on your cornea.


Project Idea:

We want to use the eye-tracking module from Pupil Labs for HTC Vive to elaborate a new measure system for our experiment. Indeed, we want to produce a heat map of the spots the most observed by the participant. To this end, we need to implement our eye tracking system in a Unity application that generates a heat map of our scene and a log file with the coordinates and the name of these spots.


          Implement a Unity application to record our data and produce a heat map from these data.

          Evaluate this new application with a user study.


          Unity (scripting in C#/DLL in C++)

          3D geometry and quaternions (Vectors, cross products, rotations)

Information, materials and resource:

Untiy3D game engine : http://unity3d.com/learn

Pupil Labs (documentation) : https://docs.pupil-labs.com/#htc-vive-add-on

Pupil Labs (Unity project ) : https://docs.pupil-labs.com/#htc-vive-add-on



Maurus et al. -2014 Realistic Heatmap Visualization for Interactive Analysis of 3D Gaze Data

Stellmach et al – ‎2010 Advanced Gaze Visualizations for Three-dimensional Virtual Environments



Thibault.PORSSUT@epfl.ch ,INJ139

Ronan.BOULIC@epfl.ch , INJ 141