Immersive game play for two players.

Immersive game play for two players.



Social VR from Oculus


In October 2015, Oculus released their first social virtual reality demo using a Gear VR headset. Within the VR application, up to 5 people are allowed to watch a movie stream in a virtual home or theater environment. However, there’s no real interaction between each user except sending a group voice message. In this semester project, we are going to setup a cooperative environment that allows people to play an immersive game interactively using external input devices. For example, Ping-Pong game with Razer Hydra.   Game development with Untiy3D/ C# and good understanding of Network are required in this project.


Basic Achievements:


  • Network architecture should be designed and developed under Untiy3D environment. Nice examples are available on Untiy3D website.
  • External input devices (possible devices: mouse, keyboard or Razer Hydra, Leapmotion, wiimote, etc) should be integrated on both sides (server and client).
  • A simple game play scenario should be proposed for two players and realized with various external input devices.
  1. Interesting interaction should be proposed in the game.
  2. Game scenario should be designed with an idea of showing minimal latency setup
  • Oculus headset integration.
  • Bandwidth and latency evaluation.


Information, materials and resource:

Samsung Gear VR:

Untiy3D game engine: