motion Git


We are looking for a student at bachelor or master level for the purpose of developing a versioning system for 3D character animation system based on the traditional Git versioning system.

  Creating a 3D character animation is an iterative process. Tracking modification, merging 3D animations together or looking at differences between two 3D animations is a tedious task. This project aims at provid-ing 3D artists tools that are currently only accessible to developers. In particular, a source code manage-ment system like Git seems to be well-suited for 3D character animation field. The project will thus focus on:

  1.  Study and analyse Git to decide which core features should be replicated into the 3D character animation field;
  2.   Create use-cases suitable for using Git-like system for artists. Indeed, Git is a powerful tool dedi-cated to programmers. It is thus not reasonable to ask artists to learn it and use it;
  3.   Implement the features identified in 1) with the use-cases defined in 2).
  4.   Make experiments in a real production environment to validate the created tools


Use-case scenario:

Imagine a scenario where two 3D animators are working on a dragon flying animation. One animator may be responsible for modifying the wings of the dragon, and the other animator may be responsible for modi-fying the tail of the dragon. MotionGit will merge these two modifications to the initial animation in a coherent way as if they were made the by the same animator. In case of conflicts in the modifications, MotionGit will detect these conflicts, and ask the animators to resolve them manually.


      During the project, depending on the student’s needs, the student will receive a 3D animation SDK to facilitate the development of the versioning system. The  project  will  be  executed  as  a  project  in  col-laboration  with  other  researchers,  and  will  be supervised by an expert in the subject.


•    Good knowledge of C++
•    Knowledge of 3D character animation
•    Knowledge of Git