Wireless Interactive Demonstration for IIG

Wireless Interactive Demonstration for IIG



Hand holding controller plays an important role in Game industry and Virtual Reality purposes.  Different types of controllers has been released for different usages, such as Wii mote controller, Xbox wireless controller, PSMove controller and Razer Hydra, etc. Our lab is going to receive a new generation of wireless controller system, STEM, from Sixense (http://sixense.com/wireless). It not only enables user hand position and orientation tracking, but also can be attached to body part to interact naturally and intuitively with games by tracking full position and orientation at all times. 

Project idea:

The objective of this project is to apply STEM tracking system in an interactive demonstration. In this demonstration, we are also going to use a wireless HMD to generate 3D vision that enables free body movement in the range of STEM tracking system. A possible interactive scenario should be: defense different types of attack from different directions with different tools / gestures. At the end of demonstration, a report of user performance will be displayed to the user.

Developments / Requirement:

The development of this project is based on the interactive render engine, Unity 3D ver 5.x with Wireless HMD and STEM tracking system.
Programming (C# or Javascript Unity3D)


Ronan BOULIC (Ronan.boulic@epfl.ch   INJ141 )

Nan WANG (nan.wang@epfl.ch INJ138 )