integrating peripheral visual perception with a curved perspective in an occulus HMD

—- en cours de définition —

Oculus Rift DK2 

Occulus HMD (DK2) that will be used for the project


Our lab recently received latest Head-Mounted display (HMD) Oculus Rift developer kits and will receive some of the new models too (DK2). It will  provide 1920*1080 resolution display and a 90° horizontal field of view.

Project idea:

the HMD field of view is about half the human field of view which restrict our ability to detect movements in our peripheral vision (the eye resolution is low and without color sensors in the peripheral vision BUT it is still very good at detecting variations of contrasts resulting from movement). The goal of this project is to explore alternate perspective projection techniques to bring back the peripheral vision within the available field of view of the HMD.

One important use-case of such perspective is to provide a better feedback of the user (avatar) body posture within the first person perspective (1PP) field of view.

Ernst Mach: inner perspective (self portrait with right eye closed)


Development framework:

The development of this project is based on the interactive render engine, Unity 3D ver 4.x with Oculus Rift SDK.

The student will develop an Unity package to allow the easy integration of this functionality to any Unity project.



Programming (C# or Javascript Unity3D).

Fair understanding of perspective projection, camera transformations and shaders (such as a computer graphics course).



Ronan BOULIC (   INJ141 )

Henrique GALVAN-DEBARBA ( INJ139 )