carte blanche “Station haptique & occulus”

—— en cours de définition —-


haptic workstation and Oculus HMD to be used in this project


The purpose of this project to combine the immersive visualization provided by the Occulus rift HMD (DK2) with the haptic feedback provided by the haptic workstation . The interaction should allow dynamic interaction between the two arms/hands and virtual objects by taking advantage of available physics libraries. The student is free to define the nature of the objects and the interaction provided the user experience relies on the combination of haptic and visual feedback.

Development framework:

The development of this project is based on the interactive render engine, Unity 3D ver 4.x with Oculus Rift SDK. Latest version of Unity was released with a new feature of making animation, Mecanim. Mecanim is a powerful and flexible animation system bringing human and non-human characters to life. In this project, we would like to integrate Mecanim character control principle and CyberGlove SDK to enhance the upper-body movement. And also, Unity contains powerful 3D physics engine NVIDIA PhysX Physcis, it would be used to create immersive and visceral scenes combiened with Oculus Rift.

Depending on the type of project (semester / Master Diploma), the nature of the interaction can be simplified:

  • semester project: exploit only the arm force feedback and simplify the hand interaction with virtual obejcts
  • Master diploma: consider also the finger-based interaction.

 At the very beginning of the project, you will be trained to use our Haptic Server. Don’t worry about this.


exploiting physically-based library
Programming (C++ for CyberGlove SDK / C# + DLL  for Unity3D)


Nan WANG ( INJ138 )

Ronan BOULIC (   INJ141 )