3D sculpture using LeapMotion and hand gestures

 Sculpture Leapmotion


LeapMotion has arrived at our lab last month. Even though we have all heard and tested about the difficulties and challenges of using Leap for precise control, the device nonetheless has created a novel interface for interacting with digital in a refreshing new way.  Some interesting experiments like controlling the desktop, browser, and navigation have been applied on the traditional screen.

Project idea:

In this project, we want to study the possibilities of 3D spatial sculpture using Leap and gesture control. A stereo supported display will be provided to implement this demonstration. Thus, the modeling material will be represented at the location of the visualized hands. Successful scenarios should contain few of following features:

  • Different materials of modeling can be visualized
  • Operating on different materials, the cutting effect is different
  • Right hand can be used to cut modeling materials and left hand is used to rotate
  • Different cutting modes can be change during sculpture task
  • Etc.


The development of this project is based on our interactive render engine, Unity 3D ver 4.x with LeapMotion SDK or some Opensource VR engines, like OGRE. Some libraries of mesh building should be introduced and implemented in this project.

(e.g. examples of Procedural Mesh will be provided in case of using Unity3D)


3D interaction technologies
Programming (C# or Javascript Unity3D/ C++ for Ogre and OSG)

Knowledge of mesh builder or Geometry Shader is a plus



Ronan BOULIC (Ronan.boulic@epfl.ch   INJ141 )

Nan WANG (nan.wang@epfl.ch INJ138 )