3D body scanning

Task description

We are looking for an intern at the master level, for the development of 3D body scanning and point cloud data processing software, based on one or more Kinect Sensors. 

Tasks to be performed by the intern

We propose the following topics of study and development:

  •   The improvement of our current multi-sensor body scanning solution using non-rigid registration of point clouds.
  •   The implementation of a single-sensor full body scanning solution.
  •   The improvement of our current body measurement solution, through a physically based alignment of template model with the acquired point clouds. 

General tasks

We expect each intern to

  •   Maintain a state of the art of the literature relevant to the subject of study.
  •   Implement algorithms or application.
  •   Validate and optimize the developed techniques.

Working environment

The  internship  will  be  executed  as  a  project  in  collaboration  with  other  researchers,  and  will  be supervised by an expert in the subject.

Profile of the candidate

The candidate will currently be working on a Master program (or equivalent) at a university, in one of the following domains: Computer Graphics / Image Processing / Mathematics / Physics. 

We are looking for candidates with the following competencies:

  •   Strong C/C++ programming skills
  •   Experience in the development of 2D/3D graphics software

Experience with one more of the following libraries and SDKs  would be a plus: PCL, Microsoft Kinect SDK, VTK, OpenCV, Qt.



Caecilia Charbonnier / artanim caecilia.charbonier@artanim.ch

Ronan Boulic / IIG ronan.boulic@epfl.ch