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Semester : Semester

Master final project, or PhD (sem. proj) : Master final project, or PhD (sem. proj)

A project associated with multiple icons indicates how the work to be done differs depending on the project type, especially between Semester and Master final project

WINTER 2019-20

Master Diploma Projects master diploma project

Semester Projects


It is not possible to ask an assistant to keep a project for you for a while. We accept only firm registration done by making the official application on IS-Academia. Before doing so, the student must have the agreement of the person proposing the project.

How to get the list of projects already officially taken:

It may happen that a project is already taken by a student and this fact is not yet reflected in the list on his page. If you want to see the list of projects officially taken, just proceed as follow:

1) from go to the “Etudiant”, then “IS – Academia”, then “Acces public”,  then “Inscription aux projets,… par enseignants” / “registration for projects, TP … by lecturer (accoridng to information provided by students)”

2) You arrive on a page where you have to select:

The academic year 

The semester “automne” or “printemps

Then the name of the lecturer.  type “Boulic“, then choose “Boulic Ronan