Senior scientist



 Dr Ronan Boulic – Group leader – ResearchGate

 Short bio: CS PhD University of Rennes (1986),  CS Habilitation University of Grenoble (1995). He joined EPFL LIG-VRLAB in december 1989  after a postdoc in University of Montreal. He was President of EPFL teaching staff assembly from 2010 to 2013 ; he participates to the EPFL School Assembly since 2014 and is its President ad interim until August 2018. His research interests include 3D  interactions, motion capture, modeling, and synthesis for virtual humans and  robots. One major key focus is to provide computationally efficient numerical  algorithms for easing real-time 3D interactions.

   CV. pdf (January 2018)

SecretaryClaire-Lise Coscia (monday full day and wednesday morning)

Senior researchers




PhD students



  Thibault Porssut

 Short bio: Thibault Porssut received a Master degree in Mechanical engineering and Industrial Engineering from l’ Ecole des Arts et Métiers and a Research Master’s degree in Digital Mock-up and Virtual Immersion from Institut Image in France. He did his Master project at EVL in Chicago in partnership with Mechdyne.  It was about Collaborative task between the HTC Vive and the CAVE 2.  Now he works on “Embodiment in Virtual Reality” as a PhD student at EPFL.

Scientific collaborator



Julien Marengo

 Short bio: Julien Marengo received a master degree in Computer Science from EPFL. He did his Master project here, with IIG, about evaluating and reducing Motion Sickness in Virtual Reality. He now continues to work on this topic as a scientific assistant.





Master Projects

Julien Marengo Assessing motion sickness factors
Yannick Grimault Ergonomic Evaluation in VR (ProcSim Consulting Sàrl)
 V. Le Tourneux de la Pérraudière NEXTFLOW Software, Nantes, France
 Fabien Zellweger Logitech (Cork, Ireland)

Semester Projects and Internships

 Spring 2017-18

Hugo Hueber Passive haptic interaction
Matthieu Devaux Exploiting the KATVR device for active walking in VE
V. du Bois de Dunilac et D. Pittet Combining AR and VR for skeleton calibration
L. Pellier Automatic grasping in VR
M. Shulga Game interaction involving real-world elements from a ZED camera